The Flagship Mosrite

mosrite Super Custom 63

The mosrite Super Custom 63 is the ultimate high-end model in Kurokumo factory’s upper grade series. It is a reissue edition of the highly regarded 1963 model. There are body binding and side jacks, which show off the German-carve, and they have a set neck joint, which has a gorgeous finish. Traditional hardware includes a Vibramute tremolo unit and roller nuts that are made by GOTOH, which emphasizes high quality in all of their products.


おかげさまでmosrite Super Custom 63、Super Custom 65,  Super Excellent,  2018年度分の工場在庫は完売致しました。ディーラー在庫につきましては各楽器小売店様にお問い合わせください。2019年度分の生産は3月以降の完成を予定しています。

Traditional Mosrite

mosrite Super Custom 65

mosrite Super Custom 65 is the most deluxe model in the Kurokumo factory’s standard model lineup. It is a reproduction edition of the 1965 Ventures model. Kuromkumo’s staff of highly skilled Japanese artisans produce an impeccable lineup of premium guitars. The guitars come with special hard cases.

Neo Classic Mosrite

mosrite Super Excellent

The mosrite Super Excellent model is a reissue version made by the Kurokumo factory as as an affordable, price friendly model that still retains many of the features and quality sound of the top of the line models. Kurokumo adopted modern, new features and still attained a high quality sound.An original “L-2000” pick was installed as well as a type of ceramic magnet. These guitars are characterized by a clear and clipped sound as they reproduce the traditional Mosrite sound.

Armless Mosrite

mosrite Elite
The guitar is made with a modern style, but retains the high broad utility.
The neck fingerboard radius is 305R.  Pickup is H-H.  It is easy to play and features a high quality sound.  The guitar comes with a special hard case.

2017 New Model

mosrite Elite FLAME & mosrite SuperExcellent FLAME



内なる炎 mosrite FLAME

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